About the Hosts

Clark University

The Clark Ballroom Dance Team and Club started in 2008 under sophomore Danielle Caroll. Eight years later, the team continues to flourish, now under the leadership of captain Charlotte Donovan and president Jonathan Chellali. The team competes as a group three times a year, though members are encouraged and many do compete at numerous other competitions all throughout the New England area. The team is coached by Ryan Kenner and Jess Nicol. Every step a team member takes on the dance floor is a testament to the team’s thanks to these coaches. The team is extremely excited to be hosting this competition with their Worcester siblings, WPI, and hopes that everyone has a fantastic time!


ballroom team F17

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI’s ballroom history began in 1998 as the Dance Club advised by faculty member Hossein Hakim. Lessons were originally taught by students, but as this became impractical the club turned to Gary Jacobik from Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Studio as an instructor. In 2002 the officer board decided to focus on growing as a club and hired Norm Thibeault from Fred Astaire Dance Studio as their new instructor who taught one lesson a week. After a budget and constitution were drawn up, the WPI Ballroom Dance Team was born. They competed together for the first time in 2003 at Holy Cross. The team has continued to grow since then and competes frequently in the Boston area.



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