• Double registration is allowed, at all levels. Note: to dance in the same role twice, you are only allowed to double register up, not down. You may double register down only if you are dancing in a role you have not yet placed out of the lower level yet.
    • A dancer wishing to compete in a different role may compete one level lower than the level they are currently eligible for in their previous role, provided they have not placed out of the lower level in the new role.
    • For example, a student who typically dances as a Silver leader may dance as a Bronze follower, provided he has not placed out of Bronze as a follower.
  • If you are dancing strictly Open, you should not dance syllabus events.
  • If a dance is not offered at your level, you are allowed to dance up. However, if it is a paired dance, you must also dance the paired dance up as well (and not dance it in the lower level).
    • A Bronze dancer may elect to dance Silver Samba because it is not offered at Bronze, but must dance the full paired Silver Samba/Jive and cannot dance in the Bronze Jive.
  • Dancers may only span two levels in different styles. A Bronze Standard dancer can be a Gold Rhythm dancer, but may not dance Open Smooth.
  • Dancers who register in different roles may only span two levels.
    • For example, a student who typically dances as a Gold follower may not dance as a Bronze leader.
    • These restrictions will be implemented on a per dance basis. The newcomer time restriction is still in effect with this rule, such that a Bronze follower may not compete as a newcomer leader.
  • Same-sex partnerships are allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on age or affiliation. Youth, adult, and non-collegiate competitors are welcome.
  • We strongly encourage competitors to dance at a higher level if he or she has placed out of three dances in any style at a given level. Please be considerate. We will contact anyone whom we deem unfit for the level he or she is registered for.


  • Dancers may compete at the newcomer level only if they have started to dance after August 1st, 2018. Dancers may compete at the bronze level only if they have started to dance after August 1st, 2017.
  • If you have previously competed at a higher level then you would qualify for based off of the time constraints listed above, please use your discretion when registering. For example, if you are a newcomer but competed bronze at a competition earlier in the semester, based off of your performance, register for newcomer/bronze accordingly.
  • The accumulation of seven or more points in an event at a particular level according to the YCN point system makes a competitor ineligible to compete in that event/level. A couple must compete at the level of the more experienced dancer.
  • If a competitor notices any registration where he or she believes the couple is ineligible for the level entered, please email us at (include published results list in the email). We will send an email response after an investigation.


  • Newcomer and Bronze: ISTD Bronze syllabus for International style, USISTD Bronze syllabus for American style. No continuity footwork.
  • Silver and Gold: ISTD Silver or Gold syllabus respectively for International style, and USISTD, DVIDA, FADS, AMDS Silver or Gold syllabus respectively or any other major syllabus for American style.
  • Couples who commit an infraction will get a warning in the preliminary rounds. If they still commit the infraction in the final, they will be dropped one place.


  • Costumes are prohibited in Newcomer, but are allowed in all other events.
  • For women, costumes are defined as anything tailored with rhinestones, sequins or feathers.
  • For men, costumes are defined as Tailsuits and Latin shirts with a slitted front or other such styling.

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